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You'll find complete tree services from the certified professionals at Ken's Tree Service. We're available for consultations if you have a damaged tree and you're not sure what the next course of action should be. Keep your trees healthy and your property looking great for years to come.

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Tree trimming can reduce hazards related to overgrowth as well as maintenance. Get rid of branches that may compromise the structural integrity of your tree. Keep your tree clean, healthy, and safe for the other shrubs and property in surrounding areas.

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  • Residential and commercial

  • Trimming and pruning

  • Lacing

  • Stump grinding and tree removal

  • Large tree demolition with crane

  • Large tree installation

We are committed to thorough, efficient service for you.

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Tree care services

Due to pests, disease, or adverse weather, your tree may lose structural integrity. Cabling and bracing offer an alternative to removing your tree.


We don't like to get rid of trees, but sometimes it becomes necessary. Our team will remove your tree in a careful and efficient manner. We utilize a crane and other large equipment for the safest and most efficient results. If you have an unsightly stump, we can also help you restore that area of your property with thorough stump removal services.


If your tree is vulnerable to insects or mites, they might become weakened, but we can help assist you in keeping your trees free of pests. Contact us today to get the best care for your trees.

Cabling, bracing, take-down, and removal

We are committed to thorough, efficient service for you. Truck Tree care



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